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Accounting is divided in to three parts as

Golden rule of accounting is a basic part of the accounting method. It is being forecasted with the help of type of account. There are three types of account maintain in accounting procedure as follows.

i) Personal Account

i) Personal Account – Personal Account refers to any person, company, school, college, Bank, institution, club trust, board etc. In personal account rule says that

a) Debit the Receiver.

b) Credit the Giver.

ii) Real Account

ii)Real Account – Real Account refers to only cash which is tangible & visible. In real account rule says that

a)Debit what comes in.

b)Credit what goes out.

iii) Nominal Account

iii) Nominal Account – It refers to all expenses, losses & also income & gain. So nominal account says that

a)Debit all expenses & losses.

b)Credit all Income & Gain.

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