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Bank Re conciliation Statement(BRS)

Bank reconciliation statement is the accuracy of the balances shown by the pass book and cash book. It provides a check on the accuracy of entries made in both the pass book & cash book.. It helps to detect and rectify any error committed in both the books. In all most all the business concern are maintaining Bank Reconciliation Statement for smooth conducting the variation between two books.
The process for preparing the Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) follows the below steps or method:

  • (1) Compare the both opening balances of cash book and bank statement, these might be different because of un-presented or un-credited cheques from the previous period.

  • (2) Compare the debit side of the cash book with the credit side of the bank statement and the credit side of the cash book with the debit side of the bank statement .

  • (3) Identify the un-ticked items on the credit of the bank statement and enter them on the debit side of the cash book and vice versa.

  • (4) Correct any errors or mistakes in the cash book.

  • (5) Calculate revised and corrected balance of the bank column of the cash book. This updated balance is shown in the balance sheet as cash at bank.

  • (6) Start the bank reconciliation statement with the up-dated cash book balance .

  • (7) If bank reconciliation statement is started with a debit balance then add any un-presented cheques and deduct any un-credited cheques. The opposite rules apply if it is started with a credit balance.

  • (8) The resulting figure should be equal the balance shown as per bank statement.

Bank Reconciliation format :

BRS format prepared by the business concern at the end of accounting period either daily, monthly or annual basis.

ABCD Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Reconciliation Statement from ________ to ___________
Date Description Ch.No. Amount Total Amount
Balance As Per Our Cash Book XXX
Add: Ch. Issued But Not Present XXX XXX
Less: Ch. Deposited But Not Cleared XXX XXX
Add: Amt. Credit by Bank But Not Debit in cass book XXX XXX
Less: Amt. Dr. by Bank But Not Credit by in cass book. XXX XXX
Balance As Per Pass Book XXX
Difference XXX

If BRS statement started with credit balance of bank book then closing must be compared with debit balance of the cash book. These are details about Bank Reconciliation Statement prepared by the accountant in a business concern.

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